Our impact in Northern Ireland

The Engineering Policy Group comprises senior members from Northern Ireland industry, academia and professional organizations engaged with Northern Ireland issues. In fulfilling its role EPGNI:

  • provides via the 专业 considered answers and steering information to government consultations and other reports on Northern Ireland issues relevant to the profession
  • undertakes pre-emptive identification of issues applicable to Northern Ireland its industry, educational system, social infrastructure and its engineering professionals
  • provides a definitive 专业 Policy strategy and position

The policy panel's scope includes:

  • economic and political influences on Northern Ireland
  • environmental impact of technology relevant to Northern Ireland
  • national and international legislation change
  • emerging technologies likely to affect the Northern Ireland economy
  • engineering skills, skills attrition, education and recruitment within Northern Ireland

The Engineering Policy Group Northern Ireland works closely with 专业 Northern Ireland. There is also an 专业爱尔兰 集团

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